You can be a dowser. Yes, you. You can find sources of water, lost objects, electro-magnetic fields, radiation intrusions, buried treasure and more. You can do all this with a quick stop by your local hardware store, a little training and a positive attitude (the treasure might require a map and some luck, though). Dowsing is an ancient art used throughout history to find water, fertile land and gold. Throughout Europe and sparingly in the United States it is currently an accepted practice used by health practitioners, farmers, mining companies, building contractors, law enforcement agencies, engineers, Feng Shui practitioners and the military.

Dowsing is used to investigate the sources of illness in a home, missing persons, water, pipes in a building and even oil. Dowsing is a simple application still not understood by science, but successes through the ages have given quite a bit of confidence to the practice. Why would you want to give it a try? Why not? You need one of the following: a dowsing rod made of wood or metal, a pendulum, which is basically an oversized necklace with a large crystal, other mineral, decorative piece of glass, wood or stone dangling from a piece of leather, twine or jewelry chain
or dowsing rods made of steel or copper, even a metal coat hanger.

You can order any of these on the web or create your own by venturing into nature, a nearby New Age shop or your favorite hardware store. The application and techniques involved in effective dowsing are built upon practice and learning from what you see, feel and take in during your dowsing.


“I know very well that many scientists consider dowsing as they do astrology, as a type of ancient superstition. The dowsing rod is a simple instrument which shows the reaction of the human nervous system to certain factors which are unknown to us at this time.”

– Albert Einstein

Dowsing is more of an experience rather than a case of winning or losing. Some days you might hit on what you’re looking for and some days you won’t. The key to effective dowsing is to dowse. It’s like good, consistent, and delicious cooking. You have to get in the kitchen and cook over and over and over to perfect your skill and understanding. Some people learn from their efforts and go on to be good or great cooks and others … well, they’re encouraged to stick with opening canned goods, washing dishes or taking up a new hobby.

Let’s assume you now have your dowsing tool of choice and you’re ready to dowse for underground water, buried electrical lines, EMF intrusions, Geopathic stress, negative energy sources and more. Take your dowsing tool and if you’re investigating your home, start at the front door and do a walk through and see what you and your tool discover. Many people who thought dowsing was a bunch of bologna changed their tune when they got their hands on a dowsing tool and did some investigating. Surprisingly, a majority of people who pick up dowsing tools for the first time are able to detect any number of things.

In blind studies conducted by several universities in Europe beginning dowsers were given tools, brief tips and then directed to six, four-foot-square cardboard boxes, each ten feet away from the other in an open outdoor area, and told to find water. One box contained a gallon jug of water. The study showed that accuracy for beginning dowsers ranged from 80 to 85 percent as the beginners almost always picked the box containing the gallon of water. You might say, “Well, there was probably a little worn area in the grass leading to the box with the water, making it easy to sub consciously find the water.” No, there wasn’t! Each time there was a new dowser the gallon jug of water was moved to a different box.

Okay, so you’ve walked your home and yard with your new tools and just don’t feel like you’ve got the hang of it. Don’t be frustrated at all. Head straight to your computer, access the internet and go to more about how to dowse, dowsing techniques, dowsing tools and more.

Learn as much as you can and practice. Let the family have a go at it inside the home, then move outside and see what you find. You might find a hidden water leak in the wall, a dangerous gathering of pipes or wiring below your home, EMF radiation infiltration by a hidden outside source and maybe some spare change in the couch or yard. Back up your findings with a thorough check with your portable EMF/Microwave detections tester. Dowsing is just another tool I want you to have at your disposal to ensure the health and safety of your home and family.
If you find that you would rather hire a professional dowser, still do as much research as you can, so you aren’t taken in by someone who professes to be an expert but who only wants your money.